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LUTS Clinic

You have recently been to your GP to discuss the problems you are having you’re your waterworks. These symptoms are sometimes called Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). Your GP has asked Peninsula Urology to see you so we can organize a few simple tests to help us give you the best treatment for your problem. All the test will be done a single visit and will involve the following steps

  1. At the beginning of the visit we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your symptoms and check the blood tests which your GP should have already done. Any symptom questionnaires that you have completed at home will be reviewed. We will then examine your abdomen and check your prostate.
  2. You will then have a urinary flow test. This simple test requires you to urinate into a machine which measures how well you pass water. After this, you will have a bladder scan to see if there is any urine left behind. You will need to have a full bladder for the flow test so please come with as full a bladder as you can manage. Water will be provided at the clinic to help you get a full bladder before the test. You will often need to do the test a second time. If you have arrived with a full bladder it may be that the flow test is done before you see the consultant.
  3. After completing the flow tests, the Consultant will see you again and discuss any appropriate treatments. These may include medication, and if so, we will ask you to contact your GP for the prescription. We will also let you know if any further tests need to be done, whether you require an operation and if you need to be seen again.
  4. Before leaving the clinic, you will be given a letter with the results and any treatment plans and a copy will be sent to your GP